Booking procedure

Online Booking:

We can provide an extremely fast and uncomplicated handling of your booking. Take advantage of the innovative golf club rental online check and save valuable time when booking. You can complete your booking even on your smartphone.

You can choose directly in the booking process (destination, pick up, return, clubs, handed) your dates for which you want to hire one or more sets.

Then you get to choose from the available sets of clubs in the period of your choice. Select the desired number of bags of (number = 1 or 2, 3, ...) and click "Add to Cart" button.

In the following window you can decide if you still want to select another set or whether you want to go directly to "order".


In the cart you will see the chosen bags with the most important data. Then enter your email address and it will open the selection - "new customer" or "existing customer (you already have booked with us) - and the required address fields.


We offer payment by credit card.

When you select the payment option "credit card", you will receive a link to your email address. We accept the following credit cards: 1. Visa (credit and debit) 2. MasterCard (credit and debit)

Pick up/ Return:

We offer you two options:

1. Pick up or return our golf set directly at our office. After you have picked up your rental car, you will find our office right next to the airport (5 minutes).

2. Or collect your golf clubs directly at the airport (surcharge 20 Euros/set).

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